Our Story

At Athvka International Private Limited, our mission is to provide healthy food to every individual, recognizing their right to a nourishing lifestyle. We started by supplying the finest spices from India to the world and have expanded our offerings to include pulses and grains.


In international markets, Athvika International has partnered with several retail stores in the USA, exporting essential household groceries to them. We provide white-labeling services, enabling them to promote their own brand, and ensure timely shipping. We possess all the necessary documentation required for exports to the USA, including US FDA compliance, as well as other parts of the world.

We offer a wide range of products for export and are open to collaborations with companies seeking partnerships.

Believing that food is the medicine for the body, Athvika International has developed a range of products based on ancient studies and Ayurveda. These products, when consumed over the long term, can enhance people’s health and well-being.

We recognize that an average Indian consumes 80% of their lifetime’s intake in the form of rice, wheat, or their derivatives. By replacing these staple ingredients with higher-quality alternatives enriched with added nutritional benefits, the chances of disease can be reduced by 60%.

With this in mind, Athvika International has launched the All-In Wheat Khapli Wheat Flour and Low GI Rice in the Indian market.